Unlockable Settlement Items – Fallout 4 Guide

Unlockable Settlement Items – Fallout 4 Guide

Are the standard objects available for Crafting in your settlement not enough? Unlockable items and objects can be found by scavenging the Commonwealth for

Fallout 4: Vault-Tec DLC All Settlement Items Showcase

Hello folks and welcome back to fallout 4 and today i give you a showcase of all the new settlement items we have gotten from the Vault-Tec DLC! enjoy

How to Arm Your Settlers – Fallout 4

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Here is a sample BAT file. Create it by creating a new .txt file in notepad, and pasting this text inside it. Then save it to your

/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/Fallout 4/

folder and name it “robots”.

To execute, open the console in the game (press the tilde ~ key) and select your settler. Then, type “bat robots” without the quotes

Sample BAT File

removeallitems ;Removes old inventory items
equipitem 0001F66B 1 ;.308
unequipitem 0001F66B
equipitem 0004CE87 1 ;.38
unequipitem 0004CE87
equipitem 0009221C 1 ;.44
unequipitem 0009221C
equipitem 0001F66A 1 ;.45
unequipitem 0001F66A
equipitem 0001F279 1 ;.50
unequipitem 0001F279
equipitem 0001F66C 1 ;5mm
unequipitem 0001F66C
equipitem 0001F278 1 ;5.56
unequipitem 0001F278
equipitem 0001F276 1 ;10mm
unequipitem 0001F276
equipitem 0001F673 1 ;Shotgun Shell
unequipitem 0001F673
equipitem 000FE269 1 ;Railway Spike
unequipitem 000FE269
equipitem 0018ABDF 1 ;2mm EC
unequipitem 0018ABDF
equipitem 0001DBB7 1 ;Plasma
unequipitem 0001DBB7
equipitem 0018ABE2 1 ;Cryo
unequipitem 0018ABE2
equipitem 000C1897 1 ;Fusion
unequipitem 000C1897
equipitem 000CAC78 1 ;Flamer
unequipitem 000CAC78
equipitem 001025AA 1 ;Alien Blaster
unequipitem 001025AA
equipitem 000DF279 1 ;Gamma
unequipitem 000DF279
equipitem 000FD11C 1 ;Cannonball
unequipitem 000FD11C

equipitem 0303a556 ;Marine Wetsuit
equipitem 01008648 ;Robot Left Leg
equipitem 01008646 ;Robot Right Leg
equipitem 01008642 ;Robot Right Arm
equipitem 01008644 ;Robot Left Arm
equipitem 0100863f ;Robot Chest Piece
equipitem 0009983b ;Laser Gun
player.removeitem f 0 ;Change 0 to the number of caps

Fallout 4 – Settlement Essential Guide & Basics

Looking to grow your settlements? Learn about the basics here and prepare for the future!

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