Spiral Abyss – How to Unlock, Tips and Tricks – Genshin Impact Guide

Spiral Abyss – How to Unlock, Tips and Tricks – Genshin Impact Guide

This Genshin Impact guide is here to help you with unlocking Spiral Abyss and some tips and tricks for you to have a better time overcoming this dungeon.

F2P Abyss Guide Floor 1 -Genshin Impact

Floor 1 is really easy, doing these while streaming, so if you are around when this uploaded you can find me making the rest!

0:00 Gear
2:10 Chamber 1
3:08 Chamber 2
4:27 Chamber 3
5:10 Video End

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In this how to get Xianling guide for Genshin Impact I will show you very easy, free to play friendly way how to beat abyss, floor 3, chambers 1-3.

00:00 Introduction
00:44 Team
01:13 Chamber 1
03:58 Chamber 2
08:02 Chamber 3
12:24 Character Builds
13:37 Outro

Beating the Abyss Floor 3 is crucial for getting Xianling and can be a hard for a new free to play player, so this guide relias on using the enviroment to our advantage, since our free to play team would struggle with doing enough damage.

How to get Xiangling and beating the Abyss Floor 3, Chambers 1, 2 and 3 was never so easy before. Just watch my free to play friendly way of dealing with the enemies and you can get your free Xiangling with no problems.

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Genshin Impact – HOW TO UNLOCK AND USE XIANGLING – Spiral Abyss Tips and Character Guide

This Guide covers how to get Xiangling, the pyro cook, which is done by beating the Abyss Floor 3 up to Chamber 5, as well as our basic guide on how to use her and which artifact set to use for her! We give you our tips about how to get through those harder levels, which elements to bring as well as our overview of the character Xiangling, who is truly amazing, and gives a great cooking buff!

��️ * Chapters * ��️
0:00 Intro
0:20 Unlocking Xiangling with Event
0:46 Abyss Explanation
1:45 Clearing Floor 3 Tips
4:45 Dealing with Frost Mages
6:44 How to beat Chamber 4 Slimes
8:57 Leveling Xiangling
9:27 Weapon and Upgrades
10:15 Xiangling Artifacts to use

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10 Tips To Get You Closer To A 36 Star Spiral Abyss | Genshin Impact

Tips To Get You Closer To A 36 Star Spiral Abyss in Genshin Impact! These tips may not be specific to the Spiral Abyss but they are tailored towards optimizing your account for the Spiral Abyss since it’s the hardest content we currently have in Genshin.

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0:00 Intro
0:43 Leveling Characters to 90, it’s a trap
2:48 Level Weapons to 90, it’s not a trap
3:12 (Beginners) Level Artifacts Evenly
3:45 Talent Priority
5:10 Choosing Characters To Invest In
6:05 Spend Resin Wisely
7:20 Mystic Offering
7:56 Saving EXP Books By Leaving Characters Partially Unleveled
8:20 Saving Some EXP By Not Wasting EXP
8:49 Plan For Potential Artifact EXP Bonuses and Save EXP