Red Eye Orb – Dark Souls 3 Guide

Red Eye Orb – Dark Souls 3 Guide

The Red Eye Orb is a PvP related item found in Dark Souls

Where to get red eye orb – Dark Souls 3

You will find out how to get red eye orb to invade other worlds.
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dark souls 3 Tutorial how to get the red Eye Orb

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Dark Souls 3 – Leonhard’s Questline (FULL NPC QUEST WALKTHROUGH w/ COMMENTARY)


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SUUUUP 😐 …. This is a video tutorial on how to finish Leonhard’s Questline in Dark Souls 3.

Leonhard is a shady motherfucker right? so you know in the end he’s gonna be deaded… by you. He is affiliated with Rosaria’s Fingers Covenant and enjoys the thrill of people being pillaged for their embers through unannounced invasions. Real shady motherfucker.

To start his quest, talk to him in Firelink Shrine, and he will give you 5 Cracked Red Eyed Orbs. From here, you can either invade someone and acquire a Pale Tongue off of the defeat, or grab the pale tongue on the hanging corpse in the Undead Settlement, just where you fight the Fire Demon with Seigward.

Once you have a Pale Tongue, defeat the Cursed-Rotted Greatwood Tree, then head back to Leonhard and he will give you the Cell Key where the Dark Wraith is locked away in the High Wall of Lothric. Kill the Dark Wraith to acquire the Red Eye Orb.

When you are at the Cathedral of the Deep, head to Rosaria,(ROSARIA LOCATION GUIDE: then enter Rosaria’s Fingers Covenant and offer the Pale Tongue to her. After this, Leonhard should be standing at the entrance of the room either straight after, or after you Save/Quit and reload your game. Light the bonfire then exhaust his dialogue.

Next, you need to either have lit the Profaned Capital Bonfire, or have defeated Yhorm and Aldrich for his next step to commence. Once you have, head back to Rosaria, and she will be dead… grab the Black Eye Orb on her corpse and kill the dirty fucking grub, then go straight to Anor Londo.

When your in Anor Londo, go to Gwynevere’s Bed Chamber (upstairs from the Ornstein and Smough Boss room), then the eye should quiver. Equip the Black Eye Orb and use it. Invade Leonhard and kill him. You can use Rosaria’s Soul to either transpose into Bountiful Sunlight, or restore Rosaria, allowing you to rank up the covenant/respec/change appearance in your current playthrough.

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0:00 Speak to Leonhard in Firelink Shrine
0:30 Possess a Pale Tongue
1:15 Go back and Speak with Leonhard
1:30 Kill Darkwraith in dungeon at High Wall of Lothric
2:53 Light Rosaria bonfire and reload the area, speak with Leonhard by the double doors
4:20 Light Profaned Capital bonfire and return to Rosaria and pick up the Black Eye Orb
5:00 Go to Gwynevere’s bedchamber in Anor Londo and invade Leonhard
8:00 Rosarias Soul

Dark Souls 3 Online PvP Guide: How To Invade Players – Red Eye Orb Location Uncracked (Multiplayer)

Dark Souls 3 Online PvP Guide: How To Invade Players – Red Eye Orb Location Uncracked (Multiplayer)

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In Today’s How To Dark Souls 3 Online Video, I teach you how to invade by showing you the location of the Red Eye Orb. The Red Eye Orb is the basic item used for invading in Dark Souls 3. Hopefully this Dark Souls 3 How To/Guide helped you out! Text guide:

Step One: Talk to Leonhard in the Firelink Shrine
Step Two: Defeat Vordt of the Boreal Valley and raise the banner.
Step Three: Get The Pale Tongue, located in the Undead Settlement.
Step 4: Go back to the Firelink Shrine, talk to Leonhard again. He will give you a key.
Step 5: Use key to open door inside the Tower of the Hall.
Step 6: Kill the prisoner, he will drop the uncracked orb.
Step 7: Profit

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