Potions – The Witcher 3 Guide

Potions – The Witcher 3 Guide

Potions and Decoctions are items made in Alchemy that can be purchased or crafted for use in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They can be used to varying effect to

The Witcher 3: The ULTIMATE Beginners Guide (2021)

Welcome and I hope this Witcher 3 Beginners guide is able to help you out. The Witcher 3 was a very confusing and challenging game for me when I first started. It takes hours of to get used to and comfortable with the game so I made this video to make your learning curve much quicker so you can get to enjoying this amazing game. If you enjoyed the video a like and subscribe to the channel (ALMOST AT 5K) would be super appreciated. Thank you so much for watching and have a great day assassins!!!!


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J2tGl4mdyY &list=PLBOKY-9IgPD9v8t2CvfbDjjxyrsolPDbC

Witcher 3 | TOP 10 BEST DECOCTIONS! WHERE and HOW to Find/Craft them!

Hey you guys welcome back, here is some of the best top 10 decoctions to use. I will show what each decoction does, how to acquire the monster specific mutagen for each decoction and how to find the recipes to craft. Most recipes are found through the world by just looting random chest or different objects. Decoctions can and will play a big role, more so towards endgame, new game plus or if you are playing on higher level difficulty. Hope you all enjoy the video, timestamps down in the comments! #WITCHER3 #DECOCTIONS #BEST #TOP10 #HOWTO

1:33 nightwraith Decoction
3:34 ekimmara Decoction
4:35 ancient leshen decoction
5:23 Fiend decoction
6:30 troll decoction
7:31 water hag Decoction
8:45 archgriffin decoction
10:03 reliever’s decoction
10:50 chort Decoction
11:05 wyvern decoction
12:08 bonus decoction

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Witcher 3 Do potions refill

Witcher 3 Do potions refill. Welcome to The Witcher 3 today we are going to answer the question do potions refill and how does one go about refilling the potions.

Witcher 3: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu0rC09yug3Y-7ljfQwE4SZt0XdT9pFu_

(Witcher 3)

Witcher 3 how to use potions

(witcher 3)
Welcome to The Witcher 3 today we are going to learn two different ways to use potions with another tip at the end as well for toxicity in that potions can only be used until the toxicity reaches 100 out of 100.

Witcher 3: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu0rC09yug3Y-7ljfQwE4SZt0XdT9pFu_