All Festivale Reactions – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide

All Festivale Reactions – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide

Along with new items, the Festivale Event also brings all-new reactions to Animal Crossing: New Horizon. There are four reactions to obtain in total, but they

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – All Reactions (1.9.0)

This video showcases all of the different unlockable reactions for your character (as of version 1.9.0) in animal crossing new horizons on the nintendo switch. Thanks for watching, please consider leaving a rating, commenting and subscribing.

when you get the festivale reaction set

happy festivale month to acnh players and everybody else
merry february

Animal Crossing New Horizons: 13 FESTIVALE ITEMS REVEALED (& 4 New Reactions) Update Guide Details

A guide to every Festivale item available in the ACNH 1.7 Update, plus outfits, reactions & more ��
►’Like’ for FEATHERS ��

Today we take a look at the latest January Update in more detail, focusing around the items and prizes from Pavé’s Festivale Event in February.
We recap what the Event has in store for us, talking a bit about feathers, before breaking down every single item that is obtainable by taking part in the Event.
Thanks to data-mines we know most of these items will also be on sale at Nooks Cranny as Seasonal Items, with the exception of one item, the Festivale Float. This requires players to participate in the event as well as crafting rainbow feathers.
Are you excited for these Carnival-style Festivale items? Or would you prefer actual furniture for your houses, like in previous games? Let us know ��

Today’s word of the day is… ������… “FEATHERS”, because these new items play a huge part in the next Event… Plus they’re pretty awesome.
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Special thanks to all data-mines, artists and influencers for sharing their findings with the community, including but not limited to AnimalCrossingWorld (@ACWorldBlog) and the contributors to the ACNH Item Spreadsheet / Discord data-mines.

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