Repertory Unit

Kathak Kendra Repertory aims at maintaining a repertory of professional dancers. A wide-ranging and challenging repertory, treating theatrical and musical values equally important in its productions, the Repertory has grown to be become recognized as one of the leading institutes, acclaimed for its dramatic expressions, technical mastery and expansive, yet nuanced movement. It has enriched the repertoire and techniques of Kathak dance by making Kathak more compelling and more relevant. The repertory illustrates the timelessness of work and vision and balances classic work with commissions from contemporary choreographers. Today it is for it’s known of an unparalled breadth, creating unique experience for audiences around the world.
The Repertory unit of the Kendra was earlier known as the Production Unit and headed by the Kathak Maestro Pt. Birju Maharaj. In his direction Kendra presented many dance-drama and group compositions in and outside the country employing the traditional Kathak Idioms. Some of these have been hailed as landmarks in Kathak like : 'Simahasan', 'Krishnayan', 'Om', 'Taal- Vadya', 'Antakshari', 'Kathak Prasang', 'Teer Tarang', 'Vadya Sangeet', 'Roopmati Baaz Bahadur', 'Ghoonghru Sangeet', 'Taal Mala', 'Yati- Darhan' 'Ritu Raj', 'Aanamay', 'Leelangika', 'Hori Dhoom Macho Ri', 'Kumar Sambhav', 'Sargam' 'Naad Gunjan', 'Samanvaya', 'Paanchbaana', 'Sampaadan', 'Meera Hari Rang Rachi'.
At present this unit is headed by Shri Jai Krishan Maharaj.


Repertory Dancers (Contractual)
Nilakshi Khandkar
Anupama Kaushik
Jaya Bhatt
Shipra Joshi
Avinav Mukherjee
Mukesh Gangani



Bheem Sain Pakhawaj
Rahul Vishwakarma Tabla (Contractual)
Brijesh Mishra Vocalist (Contractual)
Ghulam Waris Sarangi Vadak (Contractual)